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The Origin of Pie in the Sky Studios

Meet Tim Bewcyk

The man behind Toronto's first boutique film studio

       The original owner of Pie in the Sky studios, Tim Bewcyk, grew up on a farm in Manitoba and thrived on both hard and dusty work and personal construction projects like the live cat trap and making that hang glider out of ski poles and sweaters.


     Attending Ryerson for two years he then jetted to the prairies to help on the farm and gaff in Winnipeg before settling in Toronto in 1992. Well-known for baking snacks on set with lights and disguising his car like a Holstein cow, he continued to be interested in good service, intelligent solutions on set and the love of the industry. After 14 years of working on Toronto film sets, he opened up Pie in the Sky Studios on the 1st of April 2002, happy for the opportunity to expand while remaining interested in the challenges and needs of the production team and crew.


       The studio soon expanded to include a huge gear package and then a smaller second studio nicknamed "Pie 2", located down the street. Heralded as Toronto's first "boutique" studios, they quickly gained a reputation for considerate service, ample lighting and ​ grip packages, solving the usual production needs, yet staying out of peoples' hair. The tradition continues with the attitude that each job is an opportunity to help contribute to the success and be remembered positively for the next one, which is in fact the essence of the successful freelance lifestyle.

It is what we are all about.


      Whether you are shooting a music video, a tv series, a commercial, a personal film project or a music video about a guy with a personal film project, our 7 facilities have been created with you in mind and are here to serve. They are clean, attractive well-controlled environments run by friendly professionals who take each job to heart. We will help you as much as you want to, with: on-site gear rentals, set/wall painting, complimentary wireless internet, office services, steamers and a full kitchen to name a few. With top-notch sound baffling, a healthy, isolated environment has been prepared for you and continues to get the compliments of our sound recording guests. We have tried to take everything into consideration from parking to helpful tips on good caterers and info on local shops and stores so even if you are new to the neighborhood you will know what's available.


       We are very close to major highways and shopping and it's a short drive downtown from either studio. You will never feel out of the way on that last minute errand that may pop up. If you want to work in a facility built with an understanding of your needs and run by attentive, considerate staff, ask our past costumers which studio you should use.

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