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Pie 1, where it all began in 2002, has an aesthetic space uninterrupted by outside noise and features extensive lighting & grip package on site. All of our gear, working (and resting) areas and the ease of use of our facility has been customized to become the finest studio of its size in Toronto. Literally all our equipment has it's own "pie blue" colour marking on to distinguish it from any gear you may bring along, making break down a breeze and "end of the day confusion" a thing of the past. Extra features include full support facilities, musical washrooms and a library. You may also like to know that we are packrats and have lots of stuff in the basement that may come in handy..or if you happen to be in the mood for badminton...see more



Pie 2 has a quality sound stage with a lighting and grip package on site. Although smaller, P2 still includes the extra features that we are known for: a full kitchen, a lunchroom, a make-up/wardrobe room and a client area with a phone line. We have 9 parking spots on site and free parking on a nearby street which comes in handy. The studio is clean, cozy and inviting and you can always check out a quirky book or old time mag on break, as we have a library with some odds and ends which may be of interest. P2, which opened for business in 2005, is great for car shoots with a side angle or filming one person on a green or maybe a small log cabin on blue screen or...actually the studio was built for a single person on a head-to-toe greenscreen but we've literally fit a tractor-trailer in there so needless to say it's quite versatile! We invite you to let your imagination go wild and to expand our repertoire!...see more

 Pie 3, fondly known as, Baby Pie is the newest addition to the Pie in the Sky family. This studio is ideal for head to toe green screen, product shots etc. but, like our other studios we can't wait to see what gets created in this space. The studio has excellent sound quality and it's own gear package available. Gear can also be supplemented from the larger studio's gear package depending on availability. ...see more
     This "T" shaped, 4000 square-foot stage is an ideal space for commercial, episodic television, infomercial and feature film shoots. It is conveniently located beside a loading dock and is designed to allow large equipment and set pieces to be brought in and out of the space quickly and efficiently. With plenty of space for up to five cars, serveral hundred people or even a few elephants, this is the most versatile of our studios. ...see more
     This 1350 square-foot stage featuring 15 foot ceilings was created was created for industrial videos, informercials, music videos and TV pilots that use smaller set pieces. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, then this is the studio for you . ...see more
   This studio, painted Chroma Green on both walls and the floor is 1000 square feet and is the ideal studio location for live action compositing. Pre-lighting is availiable in our green screen studio, which also has a lighting grid built in to allow for additional equipment to be hung. It is located directly across for the loading bay for easy accessibility. ...see more

Studio 7 is 6,000 sq feet, with a B stage of 700 sq feet AND and additional 5,000 sq feet of support. PLUS (get this) parking for 80 vehicles!

No other 6,000 ft stage in the city gives you this much support space and this much parking, all to yourselves!

Plus with Pie's signature HUGE gear-package ON SITE, all location supplies on site and included in your rental, you are set for a one-of-a-kind, prepared, value-added shooting experience! ...see more

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