Pie in the Sky Studio 1

Where it all began in 2002, has an aesthetic space uninterrupted by outside noise and features extensive lighting & grip package on site. All of our gear, working (and resting) areas and the ease of use of our facility has been customized to become the finest studio of its size in Toronto. All our equipment has it's own "pie blue" color marking on it, to distinguish it from any gear you may bring along, making break down a breeze and "end of the day confusion" a thing of the past.


Extra features include full support facilities, musical washrooms and a library. You may also like to know that we are packrats and have lots of stuff in the basement that may come in handy..or if you happen to be in the mood for badminton...

Studio Specs

  • 3000 square feet (50’ x 60’)

  • Cyc is: 50' wall x 40' wall (x 24’ high)

  • 2 x 200 amp services = 1200 total amps available

  • 50' x 40' lighting grid at 24' (29' ceiling)

  • 40’ x 40’ bleached overhead muslin silk available for car shoots with extra bleached muslin walls to surround vehicles

  • 10’H x 8.5’W loading door

  • Excellent sound stage – no planes or trains or traffic noise – with extensive interior baffling Professional sound recordists have told us it’s the best sounding studio in Toronto

  • Full support facilities: Make-up and wardrobe area (wardrobe racks, steamer, iron, mirror & lights) Greenroom, client lounge, dressing rooms and production office with phone lines. Lunch room with Full Kitchen (fridges, stove, sinks, microwave, toaster dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, tables and chairs)

  • 13 parking spots on site, free parking on side streets

  • Many production supplies on-site (lots of chairs, tables, garbage cans)

  • Quietly air conditioned and heated

  • Downtown location (near Don Mills and DVP)

  • Phone, fax and wireless high-speed Internet available free of charge


(Flat rates for lighting packages not including spacelights or T12s)

  • $1300/12 hour day

  • $900/ Preparation Day

  • Overtime at $150/hour 

  • Hydro fee of $150 applies if over 10,000 watts are used, $250 if 30,000 watts used and $300 over 45,000 watts are used. 

  • Scissor lift $100/day

  • Power distribution package is $200 (see the "Gear" section for the inventory)

  • No fees for wireless internet, fax, phones, steamer, kitchen, small dog, etc.

  • Phone, fax and wireless high-speed Internet available free of charge

  • Head to toe lighting package per day - $800

  • Full lighting package per day  $1,200

  • Spacelights per day - $135

  • T12 per day (includes stand, disconnect box and scrims)     - $300

  • Skypanels per day - $300

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Paid Public Parking Spots

Pie in the Sky Studio 3

13 Parking Spots

Pie in the Sky Studio 1

4 parking Spots

6 parking Spots

2 parking spots

1 P

397 Donlands Ave. Toronto M4J3S2 Canada

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