Pie in the Sky Studio 3

 Pie 3, fondly known as Baby Pie is the smallest space of Pie in the Sky family. But don't let it's size fool you...  this studio is ideal for head to toe green screen, product shots etc. but, like our other studios we can't wait to see what gets created in this space. The studio has excellent sound quality and it's own gear package available. Gear can also be supplemented from the larger studio's gear package depending on availability. 

Studio Specs

  • 850 square feet (21' x 41' x 9'3" ceiling)

  • Cyc is 17' wall x 22' wall x 9'2" high

  • Power is 12 x 20 amp outlets.

  • Sound stage isolated from exterior sound and treated to prevent internal echo          

  • Green Room/Talent Support Area located at the front of the studio with separate entrance. (wardrobe rack, steamer, iron, mirror & lights)

  • Kitchenette  (fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee machine & kettle)

  •  2 ton A/C silently cools the space.

  • Convenient location, next door to main studio and office, 4 minutes from our other studio and 20 minutes from downtown

  • Pie in the Sky will pay for parking for up to 4 vehicles outside the front door. 
    Free parking half block south on Donlands Avenue.

  • Many production supplies on site (lots of tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc.)

  • Use of gear package available. 


  • ​$500/12 hour day - with lighting - $900

  • $400/Preparation Day

  • $350/half day - with lighting - $600 

  • Overtime at $75/hour  

  • Hydro fee of $100 applies if over 10,000 watts are used, $200 if 30,000 watts used and $300 over 45,000 watts are used. 

  • No fees for wireless internet, fax, steamer, kitchen, small dog, etc.

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Pie in the Sky Studio 3

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