Pie in the Sky Studio 4

     Studio 4 is a  "T" shaped, 4000 square-foot stage, ideal for commercial, episodic television,

infomercial and feature film shoots.

It is conveniently located beside a loading dock and is designed to allow large equipment and set pieces to be brought in and out of the space quickly and efficiently.

With plenty of space for up to five cars, several hundred people or even a few elephants.

This is the most versatile of our studios.

Studio Specs

  • T-shaped 92' x 37' and 30' x 28' (4,700 sq. ft.)

  • 2 x 175 Amp / 3-phase power

  • Cyc: 23' high x 104' long with surround walls (grid height 20' 10")

  • Loading Doors 10' W x 14'H with truck level loading dock and adjustable ramp.   

  • No fees for wireless internet, fax, steamer, kitchen, small dog, etc.   

  • Includes Air Conditioning/ Heating and    exhaust fan.

  • Use of hair and make-up rooms, dressing rooms, studio kitchen, dining room, green area and high speed internet. 

  • Full lighting and grip packages on site (POR) 

  • Paint and/or repaint.

  • Construction and woodworking


  • 12 hour day - $1500

  • $1200/Preparation Day

  • Overtime at $225/hour  

  • Flat rates for lighting packages not including spacelights or T12s

  • Head to toe lighting package/day - $800

  • Full lighting package for lights on the floor/day - $1200

  • Spacelight/day - $135

  • T12/day (includes stand, disconnect box and scrims)-$400

  • Hydro fee for over 15,000 watts - $150

  • Hydro fee for 30,000 watts - $250

  • Scissor lift/day - $100 (We have 2)

  • Power distribution package/day (no charge if with package) - $200

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