Pie 6

     This studio, painted Chroma Green on both walls and the floor is 1000 square feet and is the ideal studio location for live action compositing. Pre-lighting is available in our green screen studio, which also has a lighting grid built in to allow for additional equipment to be hung. It is located directly across for the loading bay for easy accessibility. 


  • 42' x  24' (1000 sq ft) 

  • 2 - 100 Amp/single phase panels 

  • Cyc 15' H x 48' L (grid height 15') 

  • Pre rigged fully lit Green cylorama with overhead lights 3-1Kw subject, rim/backlights with back surround walls (price below) 

  • Loading Door 8'W x 14'H 

  • Includes Air Conditioning/Heating and exhaust fan

  • Use of hair and make-up rooms, dressing rooms, studio kitchen, dining room, green area and high speed internet. 

  • Full lighting and grip packages on site (POR) 

  • Paint and/or repaint

  • Construction and woodworking 

  • Catering 


No fees for wireless internet, fax, steamer, kitchen, small dog, etc.


​12 hour day (No Lights) - $700

12 hour day (With Lights) - $1200

7 lights (2k or less) stands, cables, bags, clamps


Prehung lights for walls only (spacelights etc) - $300

$550/Preparation Day

Overtime at $100/hour  

1/2 day or 5 hours (No Lights) - $550

1/2 day or 5 hours (With Lights) - $700


258 Wallace Ave. Toronto, ON, M6P3M9


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