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Pie in the Sky Studio 7

Studio 7 is 6,000 sq feet, with a B stage of 700 sq feet and additional 5,000 sq feet of support.


Plus parking for 40 vehicles!

No other 6,000 ft stage in the city gives you this much support space and this much parking, all to yourselves!

Plus with Pie's signature huge gear-package on site, all location supplies on site, you are set for a one-of-a-kind, value-added, equipped, shooting experience!

This space is PERFECT for set builds and food shoots and was created to accommodate what bigger productions need. Please keep in mind that currently there is a pillar (see diagram) in the studio which will be removed at some point. This facility will work for 90% of the productions that need a large space, but for a wide car shot we recommend studio 1 which has done many car jobs over the years.

Studio Specs:

  • Excellent Sound Stage: No planes or trains!

  • 6,000 sq feet (100' x 60')

  • Cyc wall is: 20' x 63' x 18'

  • Lighting Grid Height: Covers almost entire 6,000 sq feet! Height at 18'

  • Power - 2 x 175 amp, 3 phase services

  • Truck Loading Door - height 4' with ramp option to make it 3' to bring cube trucks up to the level.

  • Many production supplies on-site (lots of chairs, tables, garbage cans etc INCLUDED.)


  • Full support facilities: Make-up and wardrobe area (wardrobe racks, steamer, iron, mirror & lights) Greenroom, client lounge, dressing rooms and production office. Lunch room with Full Kitchen (fridges, stove, sinks, microwave, toaster dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, tables and chairs)

  • $1700/12 hour day

  • $1200/ Preparation Day

  • Overtime at $250/hour 

  • Scissor lift $100/day

  • Hydro fee of $150 applies if over 15,000 watts are used, $250 if 30,000 watts used and $300 over 45,000 watts are used. 

  • Power distribution package is $200 (see the "Gear" section for the inventory)

  • No fees for wireless internet, fax, phones, steamer, kitchen, small dog, etc.

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50 Parking spots for Crew and large trucks

23 Parking spots

Pie 7


7 Parking spots

80 Parking spots ALL FOR YOU!

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