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Donlands Theatre


A piece of Toronto's History

     The facility itself was built in 1949 as an original Toronto movie theatre, with thick concrete walls and ceiling to keep in the sound of the movies playing inside. It is not near any streetcars or airplane trafffic. It has an unmatched beauty and character. Original art deco stair handrails, 1949 hand-laid washroom floors and a round foyer created in lavish style for and Oriental feature film make it a permanent monument to period movie theatres and the film industry. We respect it’s history and have located several pictures from it’s rich past, which we display proudly throughout the studio.​.When speaking of his life in a documentary,   John Candy (October 31, 1950 – March 4, 1994) mentioned the then Donlands Theatre as this is where he saw many movies growing up. The local barber, three doors down still remembers cutting Candy’s hair and recalls that he was a delievery boy for a pharmacy half a block away.

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