STUDIO 1, 2 & 3 GEAR
STUDIO 4, 5 & 6 GEAR

What lighting and grip package do you need for your full green screen studio? A table top shot? A trampoline? A Car Shoot? The big freeze? A dog driving a car? High Speed Cats? Chickens eating French fries? A foggy graveyard? All of these shots have used our in-house lighting and grip packages for the convenience and the savings. Space lights are always prehung, ready for the wide shot look and enough gear for a feature film is just steps away at studio 1. Studio 2 also has ample gear for needs and extra goodies like a dedo kit with lenses, source 4 kits, dimmers, flicker generators, a dot and finger kit, mirrors, shiny show card , baby grip stands, mini turn table, fog machine, fans and an in-depth inventory of expendables, makes us ready to offer anything you may need!



We love our clients and gear. We take great pride in having our gear ready and in working order for your shoot. The client will be responsible for any damage done to any gear which the client has received from Pie in the Sky Studios.


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