Our Recent Projects

Dave Vs. Death

From his deathbed, David Kane challenges the Grim Reaper to a game of chess. If Dave wins, his life is spared, but for every piece lost, someone he cares about will die.  


Chess scenes filmed at Pie in the summer of 2011!!!



Maestro Fresh Wes feat. Lights 

Shot right here at Pie. 


The new Music Video from Down With Webster. Pie Studio 2.

"Odds Are"

The Barenaked Ladies music video for Odds Are, one of the most fun filled shoots at Pie Studio 1.

Behind the Scenes with Equicom & Silverpoint Media


"That Day"

Music by Celinsong. Shot here at Pie in the Sky. Produced and Edited by Tim Bewcyk & Daniel Dutka.  

"What I Wouldn't Do"

Canada's own amazing and talented Serena Ryder hits Pie Studios for the grey background shots in the music video for What I Wouldn't Do.

The Pie Greenscreen Reel

Here is a little taste of the possibilities of greenscreen. All filmed here at Pie.

"Did I just say that Out Loud"

The latest from the Barenaked Ladies