Meet The Team


Ayda Rassi - Owner

Ayda Rassi, the friendly voice on the phone and the one who makes the whole operation run. 

Ayda makes her clients a priority and prides herself on continuing to operate 7 successful film studios, within the city of Toronto, for over 20 years.

The wonderful Mom of Persia and Logan.


Jono Nemethy- Studio Manager

Jono Nemethy, adventurer and playboy.

Loves sport fishing and wild turkey shooting. When not tending to his classical art and antiquities collection, he can be found perusing the city for haram pants in vintage clothing stores.

Jono is also an ordained minister and is available for weddings, funerals and baptisms.


Jeff King- Studio Manager

Jeff loves his dogs!

When not managing Pie Studios' west end, Jeff loves to be with his LARP group The Righteous Avengers (not to be confused with Marvel's Avengers)

Jeff is an avid knitter and loves to make personalized doilies.


Tre Bullen - Studio Rep & Philanthropist 

Tre loves his pet lizard Izo and his extensive classical knife collection. He enjoys cleaning them (lizard and knifes) and posing with them for weekly bathroom selfies. 


Also, the wonderful Mom of Persia and Logan.


Mor Anucov- Studio Rep & Assassin

Mor is an extremely successful fashion photographer and trained acrobat. When not minding his Tamagotchi, Mor loves to LARP with his old military buddies.


Mor would also like to thank all the mothers around the world for keeping it down.


Adrian Monaco- Studio Rep & Opera Singer

Adrian loves the world of interpretive dance and ice skating.

He also loves his pet racoon named Mitch. They both enjoy watching dressage at the local pub together.

Adrian enjoys listening to Elvis music in his basement shrine, full of Elvis memorabilia that he has been adding to since 1996.


Matt Schust - Studio Rep & Comedian

Matt loves to feed his pet rabbit Mojo and take him for walks to the local farmers market on weekends.

When not painting portraits of residents at the local retirement home, Matt can be seen swimming in Lake Ontario.

Matt wants everyone to enjoy ice cream at least once a week.


Ian Brown - Studio Rep & Evangelist



Christian Fortino - Studio Rep & Fisherman



Amos- Enforcer



Justin Darmanin- Buddhist 

Yadda yadda yadda ...