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Born in Iran, her family emigrated to Canada via refugee camps in the former Yugoslavia, arriving in Canada at 7 years old. She spoke 5 languages, could carve wood, and had a habit of rescuing stray cats. 


Ayda is an entrepreneur, she started in visual arts in her teens, working in multi-media, mainly graphic design & painting.


She started her first company at 20 years old in specialty faux finishes and worked for decorators & designers in Toronto and all throughout Ontario. For over a decade, she used those creative skills on marketing and event planning projects. 


In 2013, Ayda became partner at Pie Studios and began working her managerial magic as the company grew from 2 to 7 studios. Her brand of management balances creativity and organization, which has taken the company from a local film staple to the internationally sought out studio brand it is today.


In 2021, she purchased the remaining shares of the company and became sole owner and operator. Running film studios is her forte and you can see it in the lively, professional service and our unique studio spaces.


Ayda is meticulous, generous, and driven. At the same time playful and hilarious. This entire time she’s also been raising two beautiful children.


She’s just getting started, there’s more where this came from and we’re all here for it! 

Owner & Director of Operations

Ayda Rassi

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